Between sold out performances, campaigning, elections, and victory, the story of SHNEAKY’s origin as an MC and his accent to political figure has been a topic of conversation. Originally using rap as a weapon to attack those that wronged him, the story of “why” SHNEAKY became an MC can be found in the original concept for his 3 song demo “SHNEAKYNESS” which was released in June 2010. The final release ended up featuring “The Code” with Five82Six instead of “Where I Stand”

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In his Debut album “Collaboration: How we Live, Learn, and Create” SHNEAKY alluded to the original concept by numbering the songs I, II, III which gave the chronological order of the events that eventually lead him to his “Lyrical Warfare.”
In a recent performance SHNEAKY revealed the first 3 songs only represent one phase of the journey, or one song concept in a 5 Song Trilogy; “Let It Go” which originally appeared on the 2011 release “Strictly Sinatra” was the next phase of the journey intended to overcome the pettiness of war and conflict. It was remade by The Los Guys for the 2012 release “Collaboration: How we Live, Learn, and Create” and served as a catalyst for the next phase of the journey.
The final phase is seen in his last release “Mark of A Beast” August 2013 which recognizes the dichotomy between a socially active, educated, political life and the contemplative artist, party, show, Dj/Rockstar, performer life that ultimately governed SHNEAKY’s existence when he got accepted to UCSD and left Los Angeles.
SHNEAKY has also revealed that with a longer set the trilogy could realistically become a trilogy of trilogies including “INEVITABLE” with Five82Six as key observations along his journey of self-realization to his current role as Rapper/MC, Artist/DJ, Politician/Political Activist.

Story-Time w/ SHNEAKY @ The G-spot (5 Song Trilogy)