Let me just begin by saying, I had some huge doubts about Friday’s event (11/10). It was our second event, the first hadn’t gone too well, and I was honestly doubting if we would have a good turn out. Promotion was evident on social media, but you know how online vs reality doesn’t always match up. Needless to say I was worried about the future, if we couldn’t get our numbers up and have the bar do well, there was a chance Speak Easy wouldn’t continue. Promotion worked, the artists brought their peeps. I provided the platform, the sounds, and the drink specials and we had a great time! We killed it, got a thumbs up from the manager, and for now, Speak Easy will continue. If you were there, THANK YOU! Without your presence our performance would become practice. If you missed out… DON’T WORRY! We’ll back next month, and with your support, we’ll be back time and time again. Check out the photos from last night on my FACEBOOK PAGE

P.S. I played my whole album “Highways and Pastimes Part II” for my “DJ Set;” it was a SHNEAKY listening party, but the tracks BUMPED, and people were feeling it. So be on the lookout for the album release date announcement.

Speak Easy Maywood / Highways and Pastimes Part II listening party 11/10