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In February of 2018, “Tha Afterparty” internet radio station held auditions in Los Angeles for their West Coast expansion. After 7 years of creating a platform in Dallas that covers a wide range of topics and events Tha Afterparty was looking for a personality to kick off their first show on the West side. SHNEAKY saw the audition as an opportunity to expand his audience, clientele, and bring more value to his brand. After the audition, Tha Afterparty offered SHNEAKY a show on their station, and with his help launched their West Coast expansion in April of 2018. “Recognition and Respect” (R & R, the name of a SHNEAKY song from his 2012 release “Inevitable EP”) is a new medium for SHNEAKY Entertainment and Consulting to promote artists, events, and movements happening in the South East LA region and beyond. R & R, Recognizing Who You Are, What You Do, and The Journey and Hard Work It Took To Get Here.

To be featured on “R & R” send us an EVENT INQUIRY with links to your work, website, or social media pages. 



The first episode that kicked off the R & R Podcast aired on April 23, 2018 and featured Rey Sepulveda of Cultivarte Studios. Rey is an entrepreneur that runs his own framing and screen printing business, as well as having his own clothing line and participating in community events that bring art to the people. (Try not to get distracted by Brittnay and Montana talking in the background, it only lasts for the first 12 min of the show, shit happens.)

Rey and SHNEAKY met back in 2013 when SHNEAKY and his band Midnight Motives (formally “The Los Guys”), got booked to perform at Rey’s shop Cultivarte Studios. (CORRECTION: the sounds issue we spoke about at 28:00 min wasn’t the first time we met lol) 

In this conversation about his journey from wannabe tagger, to picture framer, to artist; Rey covers some important points about getting started, having the right mindset, and not being afraid to fail.

What happens when your daily routine gets you depressed? What happens when you don’t have a 5 year, 10 year, and 15 year plan? 

Find out about “paid internships,” how to work for yourself while having a job, and the benefits of taking risks for your dreams. 

Had a few callers (doesn’t happen now lol) and some technical difficulties, but we made history as the first show on the West Side of Tha Afterparty. 


Rey Sepulveda


Recorded 4/23/18 at Tha Afterparty Radio Station:
11222 S La Cienega Blvd
Unit 645
Inglewood, CA 90304
United States

Episode 2 Ft. Adam Mayfield:

Adam Mayfield is, “your run-of-the-mill, LA, blue collar, in the trenches, do-or-die actor.” He’s been in movies, television shows, and acted in plays. Adam also is an activist, spent some time in Standing Rock protesting the pipeline, and is working on starting a wilderness living school and rehabilitation center.

In this episode SHNEAKY and Adam cover what it means to be a “blue collar actor” in LA, having side-hustles, and the difference between passion and obsession. As well as mental illness, spiritual evolution, and his take on nature.

Do you believe in yourself? Are you living your dreams? Are you doing something that you suck at and hate and don’t know why you still do? You might be obsessed. 

Advice from Adam? “Love yourself, don’t take yourself too serious, and laugh”


Adam S. Mayfield


Recorded 4/30/18 at Tha Afterparty Radio Station:
11222 S La Cienega Blvd
Unit 645
Inglewood, CA 90304
United States

Episode 3 Ft. EJ of TDX:

“Anybody can say they’re artist… not everyone is actually making money from it” – EJ
EJ is CEO of TDX, an artist services company that helps with booking, marketing, and professional development. He focuses on publishing registration to help artists get their royalties and looks to “set flames” in the next generation to become better.

In this episode we cover publishing, what it means to “support an artist,” and what you should look for in a manager. 

“Money makes the world move, but money don’t move a lot of people” – EJ


EJ Jones


Recorded 5/7/18 at Tha Afterparty Radio Station:
11222 S La Cienega Blvd
Unit 645
Inglewood, CA 90304
United States

Episode 4 Ft. Nude Cosmetics:


Episode 5 Ft. F.A.C.E. :

Episode 6 Ft. All Too Human Swap Cast:

Episode 7 Ft. Sesh Studios:


Episode 9 Ft. Cultivarte

Episode 10 Ft. SHNEAKY:


Episode 11 Ft. Echo


Episode 12 Ft. Fit Normis

Episode 13 Ft. Frankie Valentine

Episode 14 Ft. Astrid:

Astrid is a 24 year old spoken word poet who has been writing poetry for the last 4 years and performing poetry for the last 2 years. She was introduced to spoken word through a poetry club at her college Cal State Dominguez Hills, GO TORROS! 

In this episode we cover the importance of community, representation, and

Episode 15 Ft. Noa James

Episode 16 Ft. Alex Lovesick

Episode 17 Ft. Dwayne Colbert

Episode 18 Ft. A Place On Rugby

Episode 19 Ft. Nick of Vishnu’s Trumpet

Episode 20 Ft. Jelani of Higher Ground Promo