With the completion of “Collaboration: How we Live, Learn, and Create” SHNEAKY has stepped up his social media game and has begun generating content other than music.

is the title of the VLOG (video blog or Video Log) which in some cases shows SHNEAKY’S vision quite literally. For the most part it is random uncensored and at times offensive videos portraying the day-to-day activities of SHNEAKY.

In The Studio…
is a podcast facilitated by Bipolar Music and features SHNEAKY as one of the main hosts of the show. “In The Studio…” brings talented, driven people from different fields of the entertainment industry and entrepreneurs of all kinds into studio A of Bipolar Music and asks them exactly what they’re up to. Why? And the hard work, struggle, and sacrifice it takes to be able to eventually live off what you create.

In The Studio… w/ SHNEAKY, Sabrina Cabral, Kevin Jordan, and Anthony Martinez

SHNEAKY Social Media